Kimball Publications Going APE?

    20th Century Fox's new movie Dawn of the Planet
    of the Apes
, the second in a series, has reimagined
    the original story line and refreshed the excitement
    about the franchise, old and new.

    Working with dedicated fans, cosplayers, and
    science fiction lovers, Ape Planet Magazine or APM
    will explore all of the media surrounding Planet of
    the Apes
and more. ABM will feature fan art,
    reviews, collectibles, fiction, lost photos, and an
    Ape Calendar of Events for the year.

                    COMING EARLY 2015
Facebook Feedback for APM

"Sounds good mate, I'm defo on board! Looking forward to it. Wishing you luck from the UK!"
        --Oliver Lee
Faire Magazine has received a reprieve!

As you may have heard, Issues #13 will NOT be the last issue of Faire Magazine. We've had some fans donate enough
to the magazine's cause that it should limp on at least until 2015, sharing all that wonderful Renaissance Festival Glory
with readers.

Since the advertising revenue is still so low, we've initiated a $1-per-issue charge for what used to be free issues. All the
back issues are available at www.fairemagazine.com for download using trusty PayPal.


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